Beloved Celebrities and Strange Habits

The richness of your life does not solve the strangeness of your habit. When we look at the lives of our beloved celebrities, we will be able to see their true relevance. Press conferences, photo shoots, ready-made displays, and interviews have created sophisticated images in our minds. Life behind this flashing camera is similar to that of an ordinary human being. By this, it means strange habits and mistakes. Any name; they make it all. From not washing your hair to drinking urine, there are a variety of weird practices that vary with screen idols. Some people just mention the –

Beloved Celebrities and Strange Traits

Kesha Rose Sebert

She is one of the most famous American singers, songwriters, rappers, and actresses. It was her music that made her instant success and recognition. Apart from her albums, she got a lot of exposure before the show’s show ‘My Crazy Beautiful Life.’ The fifth episode caught media attention when he once drank his own urine to get a ‘kick-ass shape.’ Eventually he knew that this would not help him accomplish his desires, and that’s when it stopped.

Robert Pattinson

Twilight star Robert Pattinson is an obsession for some of the girls out there. One of the girls yelled loudly and told her about her love. Robert thanked him, adding he was not a shiny hunk. Indeed, for about six weeks she had not washed her hair. The 22 -year -old heartthrob of the younger generation feels no need to wash his hair now and then because he doesn’t care too much. (Twilight fans, surprised?)

Lisa Olivia Munn

In addition to being the best actress in town and being a former television host, Lisa Olivia Munn is also known as one of the industry’s most courageous. Although she is very calm and makes a living, she also has a strange habit of pulling her eyebrows when she is nervous. Regardless of his strange voice; is an anxiety disorder called trichotillomania. Variants of this caused him forced to pull his own hair causing hair fell. In certain situations, you can also use hair.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox has stolen the heart from her first appearance in the industry. He can play while running. From one of the interviews, he learned that he claimed to be a horrible roommate. One of the most uncommon habits is to leave our clothes on when they have tightened (they don’t hold up, it can also cause us to get tired). One of the most unexplained or impolite habits is to leave the toilet uncovered. Yes, you’ve read it correctly, it’s unreliable but accurate, and it’s publicly acknowledged (of course it takes a lot of courage). And the list is endless. If you know that personality on the outside, you will know it, as it has been refined and wonderful. He was really just analogous to the other individuals out there.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt belongs to the category of the most famous names in the industry. As you already know, celebrities have very busy schedules. The same goes for Pitt. Hence, Pitt found an unpredictable but efficient way to solve the problem. Social media sources and paparazzi revealed that she went several days without a shower to save time and use baby wipes to keep herself clean. She has been without a shower for more than two weeks in a row. In addition, ‘Inglorious Basterds’ co -star Eli Roth found the smell unbearable and taught him to avoid unwanted baby tissues.


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