Famous Author Who Does Not Have His Real Name

Using the name of a pen in writing is a long -standing tradition for countless well -known authors. Every author has a reason to use a pseudonym. Choosing nom de plume is a personal choice for authors, and the bottom line as the author’s name on the first page does not define the book. Our history is full of amazing books with the alias names of wonderful authors for a variety of reasons. Let’s look at a few, and the story of finding the names that are considered-

Mary Ann Evans

George Elliot Real name – Mary Ann Evans

George Elliot was one of the most famous and applauded English writers of the Victorian era, but his name was only on paper. Mary Ann Evans who used the name to maintain her personal identity as a woman writer at the time was only considered a romantic writer. In addition, they want to be admired as a writer and find that only the names of the men who will recognize her. Her behavior is similar to that of girls in other countries, but her ideas and opinions create a bright future when she grows up. He refuses to give his name a hindrance to his great novels. Even now, publishers often ask some women writers to push only with their initials, so as not to reveal gender in front of the reader.

Robert Galbraith Real name – Joanne (JK) Rowling

There are also writers who hide their identities to save themselves from excessive pressure; one of them was Joanne Rowling. Throughout her career, Joanne uses a variety of pen names for the same reason. Rowling doesn’t have a middle name, so she takes a ‘K’ from her grandmother’s name which is Kathleen. He published the Harry Potter series with the identity of JK Rowling. Next, he moved on to exploring other genres but didn’t want to be totally released with pleasure or expectation, which made him use the name Robert Galbraith. Robert is known means, and means Galbraith stranger, including another famous. Plus, after an investigation when the identity was revealed.

Joanne Rowling

Joanne Rowling

Bell Hooks Real name – Gloria Jean Watkins

The woman gave the pen name to Bell Blair Hooks’ great -grandmother. He uses his name when admiring to the maximum because of his strong opinion. Even Gloria grew bold and steadfast and unafraid to face the injustices she faced. She also received the title of woman who ‘talks back.’ After publishing the poem, he decided to keep the name and not use the capital to pull all the focus just to write it. She also uses stage names to talk about feminism and race.

John le Carré Original name – David John Moore Cornwell

There are various speculations as to why it is named. He has received a duplicate in his understanding of the matter. In addition, he has also said that he does not remember the reason or logic behind the name. Conversely, in two interviews, he had a story about the name. He said that, other than the employment situation, there are more business ethics issues. He also added that if he catches a butterfly, it is very important to use another name. In addition, the biggest believable rumor is that he was working at MI6 in Hamburg, Germany, while writing his first book (The Spy, which comes from the cold). He made sure that the name was not published under its original name because MI6 was not allowed to give its name. And this is not wishful thinking. Many other writers hide their names with fictitious names for personal reasons (some revealed, some just speculation).


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