Items you cannot hand over when visiting duty free shops

Going home empty handed or looking like you can’t buy enough stuff, duty free shops at the airport are there to help you with every need and desire you need. Learn more about what a duty-free shop is and what items you need to buy.

Items you cannot hand over when visiting duty free shops

What is a Duty Free Shop?

If you’ve ever traveled abroad, you’ve probably come across a duty-free shop at the airport. These are brightly lit shops that sell a lot of items, and many tourists think this is the best place to shop before going home. Duty-free shops offer cheaper items than you would find in a mall because they do not have local import taxes or taxes on goods by government agencies. That’s why it pays to check duty-free shops before you get on a plane. If you want to save a dollar, take the following items.


For those who enjoy a drink, consider shopping at a duty free shop. You can save as much as 25 to 50% compared to domestic trade. This is a real theft! If you’re worried about whether you can bring home a bottle or two, airlines allow up to 3.4 oz for hand luggage. Buy alcohol when you arrive in your destination country so you won’t have to worry!


Another item worth buying cheap are tobacco or cigarettes. You can get them at an affordable price in duty free shops. Cigarettes and cigarettes are almost always taxable so you need to buy them at a duty free shop. Airlines allow a rim or box of cigarettes (about 200 cigarettes) and 100 cigars on board.


Perfume is another thing you need to buy at a duty free shop. Apart from being more affordable, only sizes and limited editions are available in the duty free shop, which makes it highly desirable. You can save as much as 50% while shopping at a duty free shop, and if you are a loyal customer of a particular brand, chances are high that you will buy an exclusive item that is not available to the general public.

Luxury items

It is not surprising to see a luxury brand at the airport. When you have a chance to check out the store, you may be able to buy that bag you observed. To make sure you are really saving money, check online for the suggested retail price or SRP. If it’s much cheaper at the airport, go!

Makeup and skin care products

This is not a secret-make-up and skin care products are sold in customs duty-free up to 50%. For something more unique, buy from a brand that is unique to that country.

Local souvenirs

Did you forget to buy something for your boss? There are also domestic products in duty-free shops! This is the best place to buy last minute gifts for someone at home.

Local souvenirs

Local souvenirs

Items you can’t buy at home

The global brand may have released several products abroad that are not available at home. If you see something you like and know it can’t be bought at a local store, be sure to get it! This will be your only chance to buy something unique at a fraction of the price.

Bottom line

Duty-free shopping is effortless and helps you save a lot. Always remember that this is a limit on the amount you can spend in the store, and you can’t go too crazy over items like alcoholic beverages or cigarettes because airlines have a limit for that.


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