Netflix v / s Disney

Undoubtedly, Netflix has been the king of online streaming for years, but somehow, Disney + has made a huge splash in the market for some time. When Netflix launched, it faced a lot of competition from established names like Amazon, Now TV, HBO, Hulu, and Apple TV + but surprisingly, it paved its way to the top. However, the scenario is very different now, with Disney + join with others like ESPN and Hulu gives a tough time to Netflix. Most people do not know that until the year 2019, Disney is working with Netflix and gives license to the company to stream movies online, including all the series of Marvel, which is still available for streaming on the platform.

Netflix Vs Disney

While it’s been a while, Disney has also arrived, the mastermind behind the platform hoping that family-friendly content will take over Netflix. There’s no denying that Netflix has more original TV shows and series about content, but considering the timing, Disney might be making an impression on its customers. Although the debate is endless on what is better, here are some points that will help you choose what is better for you-


When it comes to price categories, both platforms offer three packages and a download service.

Netflix has a similar plan offer –

  • Basics: $ 8.99 / month quality with SD with one screen and one download
  • Standard: $ 13.99 / month in HD quality with two screens and two downloads
  • Premium: $ 17.99 / month in Ultra HD quality with four screens and four downloads

However, Disney + offers plans like –

  • Disney +: $ 7.99 / month or $ 79.99 / year
  • Disney Bundle: $ 13.99 / month includes Disney +, ESPN +, Hulu with advertising
  • Disney Package: $ 19.99 / month includes Disney +, ESPN +, Hulu without advertising

In addition to the price difference, Disney + offers downloads on a variety of devices. In addition, it allows you to stream on four devices simultaneously and seven devices using the same account. As a result for Netflix, Disney + allows you to watch everything in HD (some even support 4K UHD). Interestingly, Netflix stopped access to the free trial period in some areas.


One of the most important considerations is the content of the streaming platform. Disney + has the lowest price than Netflix, and Netflix has more availability around the world than Disney +, but in the end, it all depends on what you want to watch. If you have children at home, you need to select Disney + because the covers of Disney Studios, Marvel Studios, Star Wars, and the Division of National Geographic. Among the thousands of movies and TV series that will be streaming, as well as some purchased from Fox 20. Similar to Netflix, it also has some original content such as The Mandalorian and Wanda Vision. Another interesting fact is that Pixar and The Simpsons have also become part of House of Mouse.
Unlike the ones mentioned above, Netflix has a much wider selection and a much larger content library, which grows almost daily. From a long-awaited, the Irish, Witcher, Extraction, Queen’s Gambit, Bridgeton, Netflix has earned you; all covered. So they can be fun and keep the brand, Netflix also advanced with a genuine original rich Stranger Things, Black Mirror, Russian Doll, and others.




This category would be an unfair category to compare because Netflix is ​​coming back in the field and spreading its streaming services to more than 190 countries and territories. However, we still consider adding this even though since its last on the market, Disney + has launched heavily in the US, Canada, the Netherlands, Australia, and New Zealand. Also popular in European regions, including the UK, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, and India, in March 2020.

Over time, Disney + continues to cover a variety of other regions and countries. As a result, Netflix is ​​not available in four countries – China, North Korea, Crimea, and Syria.


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