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Going to college is a brand new ball game. As a student, one of the most useful skills you can master is effective note-taking. Many experts believe that this is a skill that should be taught to students while they are still in school so that they can benefit later in life. So, for those who are still unsure of how to take notes, please keep reading to see these useful tips.

Quick tips on how to take class notes like a professional

Sitting next to the professor

Many students seem to have some kind of “fear” of sitting in front of the classroom. However, this is indeed the best sitting position. Why? Well, there are actually many reasons. First, you will get a better view from the front. Second, it is easier to hear what the professor is saying. When trying to get the best notes, it is very important to listen to what the professor says. All your attention will be focused on the class, making it easier to concentrate and learn more. Research proves that students sitting at the front of the class tend to achieve higher grades in college. So if you think it doesn’t matter where you sit, think again!

Use mind mapping method

Although there are many ways for students to take notes, experts really recommend a mind mapping system. This method is a great way to take notes on specific topics. Courses with interrelated topics or complex abstract concepts such as chemistry, history, and philosophy are very suitable for this approach. In addition, experts suggest that mind mapping can increase your creativity and productivity because it is an excellent tool that can help you generate more information and identify the relationship between different types of information.Mind map is a good visual representation that can help students jot down keywords and the most important information

Second-hand colored pens and highlighters

In addition to this idea being very cool, using different colors for certain parts of your notes can help you become a more efficient thinker. You can separate topic headings, subheadings, and definitions in this way, or you can color-code comments based on the topic. Any style that suits you will definitely work. But at least your notes won’t look so boring!

Neatly written

If you decide to write notes with old-fashioned pen and paper, make sure you can read what you write. This will save you a lot of time while studying for the exam, because you don’t have to decipher or decode your notes. Of course, many students tend to rush when taking notes, and even encounter difficulties when writing neatly. Therefore, if this is the case and you cannot solve the problem, you might consider using another note-taking method instead.

Keep notes short

It is tempting to try to write down every detail the lecturer says, but it is actually useless. During the exam, the last thing you want is page after page of information. Keeping notes short and summaries is more effective and helpful. All you need to do is focus on the most important facts. You also don’t need to write down what you already know. Focus on new information!


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