The best red wine to drink cold and chilled this summer

It is a common misconception that all red wines are heavy on the stomach. But there are some light and fruity ones; not to mention refreshing when chilled and sipped in the summer. Once the pandemic is over, try something new in the summer and go for one of the red wines listed below. Remember to cool them before the summer starts.

The best red wine to drink cold and chilled this summer

FEL Pinot Noir, Anderson Valley, 2018

This is a full-bodied wine that feels light and fresh while you sip it cold in the summer. It is full of blackberry flavor with cloves and cinnamon. You should check if you can detect notes of dark chocolate, cola, black tea and anise in it. This wine goes perfectly with burgers and barbecue, so camp in the backyard and take out a fridge filled with this wine and make it for a picnic. It can best be enjoyed after an hour of cooling.

Rock Wall Wine Company, Maggie’s Vineyard Zinfandel Reserve, 2018

The aroma of this wine suggests fruity notes with tones of vanilla and cloves. With a delicious palette, it has an elegant finish due to the taste of red cherry, black cherry, raspberry, bay leaf and honey. Some say that if you pay a little more attention, you will feel the peppery taste. Although Zindafeli tends to be heavy, this one is light and with lots of layers that you can taste with each sip.

Lyndenhurst Cabernet Sauvignon, 2017

Lydenhurst offers a lot of texture, and the silky tannins in the wine are so appealing that they will refresh you in the summer after a long day. If you are planning a relaxing weekend or pool party, this is the wine you must indulge in. The taste of blackberries and strawberries combined with a little acidity makes the wine so fine that you won’t be able to dismiss it.

Lyndenhurst Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Lyndenhurst Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Flora Springs Merlot Trilogy, Napa Valley, 2017

This Merlot is a paradise in a glass with refreshing sweet flavors of blackberry, plum, tobacco leaf and red currant. The drink is soft on the tongue and gives a hint of toasted oak as an added flavor. The best combination of this wine is rib, and the aroma of vanilla in the wine really creates a mood. This wine ages well so don’t worry if you buy too many bottles as it will be even better next year.

Exhibition Cabernet Sauvignon, Alexander Valley, 2017

Most Cabernets do not need to be refrigerated, but there are some excellent ones that have a lower alcohol content and are intended for young drinking. The Cabernet setting is definitely one of them as it can be drunk after 45 minutes of cooling or it can also serve as a base for a beautiful sangria. The Setting Inn in the Napa Valley has a romantic tasting room that is the best place to enjoy and buy this wine. This wine has several layers of fruit and spices. There is also a hint of flour, tobacco and blueberries.

These wines have a much lighter and happier taste if you chill them compared to their room temperature flavor. If you don’t believe us, drink both and see for yourself!


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