The best wine glasses to keep your rose at your fingertips all summer long

The summer after the end of the pandemic will be epic and for that you need wine glasses that can float in water, so you have the best of both worlds. Cool all your wine in advance and buy a set of one of these floating wine glasses so you can spend the summer as a boss! In addition, you do not have to wait for the summer to use them, they work both on tables and in bathtubs. So for a summer full of fun; buy your favorite roses, prepare the pool and grab some great pairs of floating wine glasses from a few options below.

The best wine glasses to keep your rose in your hands all summer long

The beach glass

The sheer ingenuity of these glasses is amazing. You can swim them in water and it does not spill its contents. It can also get stuck in the sand or grass if you want to leave it. You can imagine yourself in a pool with one of these glasses filled with your favorite drink, and you can leave it wherever you want in the water and it will always be nearby. It is also resistant to breakage, so you can be sure that these babies can be used for many upcoming summers. These glasses are in different colors and styles of Amazon.

Floating wine glasses

The only thing missing from the beach cups was that they could not be placed on a flat surface. This is not a big problem at all if you are in the pool, but for people around the pool or to use the glasses for other occasions, you can get these plastic wine glasses with a flat base. You can use them after you decide to move the party indoors from outdoors. These goggles are also resistant to breakage and have a wide rim to reduce splashes or spills.

Hawaiian hibiscus cocktail glass

Etsy has this beautiful set of glasses, designed by Hibiscus, in many colors to choose from. Choose your favorite colors and make your perfect set. These sunglasses are similar to beach sunglasses, except that they look more sophisticated and cute. So spice up your party with these glasses.

Personalized floating wine glass

These personalized wine glasses are the perfect gift for wine lovers. You can choose your own colors and your favorite fonts. They are the perfect gift for the newlyweds and the best thing you can buy for a bachelorette party. They also have a tip that can stick to sand or grass, but they don’t have wide edges like the others, so you’ll need to be careful with the drink so it doesn’t spill. A set of them for personal use for beach trips is also a great idea.

Personalized floating wine glass

Personalized floating wine glass

Monogrammed floating wine glass

These wine glasses are perfect for beaches and picnics. The glasses have beautiful and attractive colors that scream “PARTY”. Even after this pandemic is over, it is still not safe to drink from someone else’s glass or let other people drink from yours. Take a monogrammed glass for yourself and drink from it throughout the party. These glasses are fantastic and they will protect you from getting infected.


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