Top 3 Study Strategies | Acquisition of knowledge

Afraid of the time of year when the test comes? Studying, memorizing and understanding more can be a challenge for anyone. These 3 strategies will help you optimize not only your preparation but also the time you spend. Working smart instead of hard has become a beneficial factor, especially in college, due to the big workload. Tackle your study challenges with these 3 strategies below …

Top 3 study strategies

Top notes

Taking good notes is almost essential to make learning easier. You will never remember all the information in the speech so make sure your notes are thorough and in line with your mood. Sharing notes can also be a good idea because you can see if you missed any particular information. A great and effective idea given the time to test, rewrite and add your notes each week. Be sure to note down the ideas that the professor can mention until they can quietly throw it into an experiment.

Rhymes and abbreviations

These methods work hand-in-hand. Making your work easier to remember and fun, as it may be, will definitely change your focus and the way you process information. Rhyming adds a sense of familiarity and meaning to what you are learning which allows you to connect better. On the other hand, summarization is a simple method and helps in the specific order of the learning process or information. It is a good idea to write your briefs as soon as you enter the test room because the information may be more new to the brain.

Separate similar topics

Do you find similar information is mixed? Things that may be similar in nature are important for recognition and this helps you to feel less confused overall. Allocating specific days for different subjects is a good idea and setting up completely opposite subjects one after the other is more beneficial than one similar subject after another. So, dedicate different study sessions to your subjects and use your time efficiently while doing this- this plan is also great for time management.


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