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For most college students, coffee helps us get through the day (and night). But what most people don’t know is that your coffee order can really say a lot about your personality. But fear not, we and the barista of your local coffee shop are not judging you! Whether it’s strong and dark or icy and flavorful, your go-to coffee drink can say a lot about you. So, keep reading your favorite cappuccino to find out exactly what your favorite drink says about you. You may be shocked or pleasantly surprised …

What does your coffee say about your personality?


Cappuccino is one of the favorite coffee that many people enjoy. Made with espresso, milk and foam, although it resembles a latte, the cappuccino brings out a little more foam. Those who drink cappuccino are often called touches of elegance, sophistication and style. It’s easy for you to be sociable and creative and the coffee shop is usually your second home. This type of person is often warm and kind.

Iced coffee

Next we have iced coffee. Made from regular coffee but cold and ice and usually served with cold milk or foam. If iced coffee is likely to come and go, you probably have a sense of responsibility and no time for drama. You know when to have fun but understand when to be serious. Your friends can always rely on you, because you have the most loyal personality. Generally, those who like to have a refreshing cup of iced coffee enjoy it keeping pace with the latest trends in food starting from fashion.


Espresso drinkers are so-called naturally born leaders who know what they want in life and how to get things done. You get to the honest and straightforward point, however, that your calendar always seems to be packed that takes you from place to place. Espresso drinkers are said to have a strong, traditional personality and are very time-driven. For the majority of espresso lovers, this caffeine boost is important. If truth be told, espresso shots are less about powerful

Black coffee

Made from regular made coffee beans without all the extra additives of sugar, milk, or other flavors. A simple, classic, and freshly roasted cup of coffee is like music to one’s ears for many adults. Although the process of making black coffee is easier than other coffee drinks, believe it or not, it can still be misunderstood. In fact, many people prefer a certain mix or roast that is most suitable for their taste profile. Black coffee drinkers are morning people and tend to enjoy a regular routine in their morning. These people not only like an organized and determined daily life but they live for simplicity.


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