What kitchen appliances can you put in the dormitory?

What kitchen utensils can you put in the dormitory

When you are in college, it is difficult to stick to a healthy diet. It is easy to understand why “Freshman 15” is a common phenomenon among students-there is no place to cook healthy meals! If there is no decent kitchen, it is no wonder that making a good meal is a challenge. The good news is, what you can do. By using some creativity and small appliances, you will be able to make so many different meals. Naturally, every university has regulations regarding the allowable dorms, so please consult your university before buying anything. Once you are clear, take a look at the appliances you need in your dorm!

Mini fridge

One of the most important small appliances in the dormitory is the mini refrigerator. You no longer need to worry about cooking too much, the excess food will be wasted. Not to mention, once you have a refrigerator, you will have more food choices, allowing you to save unnecessary purchase costs. Take a look at the mini refrigerators on Amazon-they have a huge variety, and various prices are suitable for anyone.


Technically, you may not cook anything in a blender, but it is still a good device in your dorm. Using a blender, you can make anything from smoothies to soups and dips. Making a smoothie before class is a good idea for a healthy and simple breakfast without breaking the bank. There are many mixers on the market that can do this job, and it doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg, so don’t worry.


Another basic appliance is a good old toaster! This is an unparalleled gadget-no other device can do the job. Use it to make all your avocado toasts very crispy. It’s fast, simple, and cheap. Not to mention, it’s a very small device, which means it doesn’t take up much space at all. Now you will be able to bake bagels perfectly and make mini pizzas without having to think twice.

Hot plate

For any college student, an electric hot plate is a great thing. Now, you will not have to eat sad cold meals. You will be able to cook delicious hot food in the dormitory. Again, this will save you a lot of money in the long run because you don’t have to order or go out to buy food all the time. Cooking at home is cheap and healthy.

Mini microwave

Without a mini microwave, we would not be able to complete this list-there is a reason why it is a staple in the kitchen. You can reheat or make a quick meal in a few minutes! You no longer have to worry about the breakfast before morning class-just make some oatmeal or heat a pizza bagel and you will be golden! When you can’t use an oven or stove, this is the next best option.


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